Called Not To Judge, But To Love

Photo by John-Mark Smith from PexelsAs a minister, pastor, preacher – whichever – we are called to ‘lead’ or guide our flock into the fold; to teach them, help them, comfort them, love them.  However, so often these days I see (and hear) the harsh judgments of our “leaders” yelling, sometimes screaming, to our fellow men and women about the wrongs in their lives and cursing them to hell and damnation because of the choices they make.

Have we forgotten we are all sinners?  Have we forgotten that Judgment it’s very self is a sin?

We call ourselves Christian; supposedly meaning we “follow Christ” and his teachings.  If that’s the case, where does it say we are to judge our fellow-man, curse him, scream at him?  Indeed we are called NOT to judge, but to Love.  Jesus didn’t come to save the righteous – he came to save the sinners. He came to love the sinners, guide them, help them, comfort them, accept them.

Those folks that hang out at big events (like, oh I don’t know, Presidential Inaugurations, Marches, etc.) and hold up their posters and point their fingers to those who are different than them, yelling and screaming about that person is going to hell if they don’t repent and change their ways, is not going to get anyone to want to follow Christ.  No.  This is just going to have folks running for the hills, pulling their hair out and murmuring about “what loonies those Christian people are.”

You want people to hear your message and learn of the good news of Jesus Christ. Well, maybe we should try patience, kindness, acceptance, friendliness.  BE that which you want to see.  Think of the type of person you needed when you were down and out — be that person, that friend, that shoulder to lean on.  Listen, comfort, encourage.  Don’t judge.  The world has heaps and mountains of judgment aplenty. We need compassion, love, encouragement, patience, guidance, mercy.  We need each other; we need Christ.

*Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels