I know, I know… How dare I speak opinions, questions or remarks about something so ridiculous as Biblical Creation?

All kidding aside, this is something very heavy on my mind as I read about more and more “kids of faith” leaving the church or even just their once-held belief of the God who created us and gave us this beautiful world. So. The purpose of this blog will simply be to share articles and stories that I find from various resources. (See sidebar.)

Of course I was taught all about evolution on my way up the grades. All the reading and “teaching” and reading and “testing” and reading and “ape posters” and patchy, vague answers never could sufficiently answer my questions. My faith wavered and sputtered and crashed and nearly died due to the lack of solid answers. I attended church faithfully, volunteered when asked, and even my first actual J-O-B was as the secretary of my beloved church.

…but still I wavered.

Then I had kids. Two beautiful absolutely-chock-full-of-questions little girls. How do you answer their questions when you know not a single thing yourself? How do you fit the dinosaurs (which they completely adored for some odd reason) into the timeline of the Bible? Were they before Adam and Eve? How could there be death and destruction before Adam and Eve? Because isn’t the whole “apple thing” the reason we were cursed with death and destruction in the first place?

Round and round we go.

Prayer has been my constant companion no matter what was happening around me. Prayer and faith that my God would come through for me even if I didn’t know the answers. As I look back over my life and the ups and downs, ins and outs, and flat-on-my-face moments, I can see that He was indeed right there with me.

Well, anyway, somewhere during a crisis of doubting, I was brought to a website called Creation Ministries International — just head over there and click on one of the topics that you have questions about.

Please note: This is a work in progress and I realize it’s quite a controversial topic, and even offensive to some. If you don’t wish to read about it, then don’t come back. It’s that simple. However, if you’re curious at all, we welcome you to at least take a look for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by!